12 June 2005

This has made me hopeful and happy

This comment on Pontifications from Fr. Newman.

I found it by way of David Bennett in his post. (H/T, David)

I'm going to natter about this in more detail one of these days, but suffice it to say I am one of those who felt chased out of the Church. The Latin-loving, meditative, prayerful Catholic me was anathema to the current régime. Reading this kind of thing here on the blogs makes me think there might be a place for me, eventually, somewhere. Where I live, it's a very chancy thing; I'm in Mahony territory. But without a community, I didn't know any better; I thought the whole church was like that. Thank God for all of you. Keep writing. Through your rants and ideas and observations and suggestions, you are saving souls. Really.

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