23 October 2008

Quick update

Still here, still alive ... enjoying my work, really enjoying my dearest, praying for a friend who is having sand thrown in her spirit's eyes by the liar ... it's just as irritating and blinding as it sounds. I am praying "send spiritual Visine, Lord!"

The election has me just ... I dunno. I'm appalled at the hordes of people who are uncritically preparing to vote for a man who has serious baggage and whose motives can only be considered questionable. "If it walks like a duck..." etc.

But it's (still) a free country. I will still defend my fellow citizens' liberty to vote as they will.

But if they vote our liberty away, they will regret it.

We need to consider History, folks.

Liberty requires eternal vigilance.

Think about what you are voting for. Change is OK ... but this isn't like decorating your living room.

You can't give it back if you don't like it.

So think. Pray. 'K?