07 April 2010

A new life

The Easter season is a time of new beginnings. For me, it was the time of my reception into the Church in 1971. I still keep a wary distance, but it is thrilling to see God's work!

The appointment of Cardinal Mahony's co-adjutor is a ray of light amid the general dreariness of the world, economy, etc. God bless Archbishop Gomez as he prepares for what one hopes he'll see as a challenging opportunity to Do Good For Souls.

As for me ... I'm in a new place, a new life, amid a new family. God has unfolded circumstances in my life in ways only He could, and in ways He would only if I trusted Him completely.

After many years, I'm catching on, a bit, I think.

I look forward to blogging here, if not at length, then at least more often.