29 June 2017

Steve Skojec: "What We're Fighting For"

After a long time away from One Peter 5, just dropped by and found this outstanding piece by Steve.  Go there, and read it.

I have reason to know that this is pure truth:
What the spiritual life does, as we seek to embrace humility, is to strip away the impediments that keep us from victory.

It has been so long since I've updated this blog.  Sigh.  Sorry.  Reasons. 

For now:  my latest epiphany, this week, was to know that I need to be grateful for Pope Francis.  The reports of his peculiar behavior, and the really appalling reports of things "under consideration," have given me great peace, for reasons that would infuriate him.  Pope Francis has convinced me completely that I do not need to fret or worry about whatever it is he's up to.  Shall I trust him, the fruit of the catastrophic misinterpretation of Vatican II, or the Church which has survived through far worse challenges since founded 2,000 years ago?

Fifty years is a tiny bit of time in the Lord's calendar.  The Left invaded the Church first.  From Pope Francis' bold moves, it's clear that the Left thinks they can finish the job and get rid of that pesky Jesus at last.  Perhaps St. Peter's will be destroyed.  Perhaps Catholics will be hunted and persecuted out of existence.

Yeah, whatever.  Our Founder was flogged until he was unrecognizable, hung on the Cross for everyone to see, a spear thrust through his heart to prove he was dead...

...aaannnd he's alive!  (Acts 14:3 is one of my favorite verses about that.)

I'm following that guy.

"Unity" is a popular term in progressive Catholic blathering these days.  I'm all for it.  Unity with the Beloved, with Christ Jesus.  It is what I fight for.  It is my goal.  It is the only one that matters.