12 June 2005

Men and women

Anyone who's heard me rant about this - men and woman are EQUAL but not IDENTICAL - will understand why I enjoyed this posting at the Our Word and Welcome to It blog.

While I'm not entirely in agreement with the Hadleys' post, I believe it is time to give some serious thought to gender roles, looking at traditional practices (clothing, women at home, etc.) and seeing how they came to be in their day (if the answer includes the word 'paternalism' the point has been Missed, OK?) and what they have for us today.

I was privileged to know my grandmother quite well. She was born in 1892 and, in her long life, experienced the advent of everything from indoor plumbing to the space shuttle launch. She had a college degree and was well-read and had well-reasoned and passionately-held opinions about women's roles. She would never have agreed with many of the ways in which people go about life today, and her reasons would have been different from most people's - but she spoke from experience, not from theory.

Is it a coincidence that the blurring of gender roles and resultant confusion and discord started to happen right around the time the " springtime of renewal " (cough, cough) afflicted the Church?

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