05 June 2005

My Bible verse is...

A little while back, the Anchoress posted a thought-provoking question: "What Scripture verse is YOU?"

I don’t mean which is your favorite scripture verse - I mean what verse is the one you feel spells out what you are called to do, that speaks to you personally on a very deep level?

Her clarification is so challenging. I confess I'd never thought of it like that before. But instantly I know which one to pick:

5 For he who has become your husband is your Maker;
his name is the Lord of hosts;
Your redeemer is the Holy One of Israel,
called God of all the earth.

6 The Lord calls you back,
like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit,
A wife married in youth and then cast off,
says your God.
7 For a brief moment I abandoned you,
but with great tenderness I will take you back.
8 In an outburst of wrath, for a moment
I hid my face from you;
But with enduring love I take pity on you,
says the Lord, your redeemer.

Isaiah 54:5-8

The context of that verse has nothing to do with an individual; yet, in one of those ways that makes you Wonder, my eye fell on it when I least expected and most needed it, years and years ago. I stumbled across this text when I was at verse 6 in my journey. God comforted me with verse 5, encouraged me with verse 7, and sustained me with verse 8, until I could finally do what I needed to do. God's tenderness came to me through someone who doesn't (yet) know Him at all, and yet who has always been one of His messengers to me. God does take pity on us, "for he knows how we are formed, remembers that we are dust." (Psalm 103:14)

I am deeply blessed and grateful.

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