05 June 2005

Oops... you know you've over-blogged when...

On my way into the kitchen to get some fruit for dessert, I noticed a small plate with drippings which I intended for my dear dog's dinner. He wasn't trying to get me to take him out... he was hungry! (He has now been satisfactorily kibbled.) (as my dear friend would say, there is no noun which cannot be verbed.)

I have spent the whole day reading.

That essay, "Sanctuary," is so thought-provoking.

It's interesting that, in today's in-the-name-of-tolerance-we-forbid-you-to-say [whatever it is] P.C., the conversations have just moved out of the gathering places ... couldn't have that many people in one place, anyway ... and onto the 'Net.

For someone as solitary as I, it's a great thing. If my mother hadn't died in 1992, she'd be dead by now, because she would have forgotten to eat and drink, she would have been SO enthralled. She loved a good argument - absolutely loved it - and would have been in heaven with comment boxes and chat forums. I'm just hungry to find out what people are thinking, and doing, and what's important to them. I suppose everyone can find a group that's interested in whatever they're interested in, sooner or later.

Those who would control the discourse in this country must be simply appalled. The Internet is all about liberty... letting the people figure out what they want. People are smart. They tolerate a lot of discussion, one way or another. Trolls gotta go, but the trolls can be fun, too, and informative. It's good to know what people are thinking out there.

And here am I, with absolutely nothing of merit to say, rambling off at the fingers because I want to practice writing for people, and this is a Great Way to Do It. Why give an editor clips when you can send them a link to a blog? This goes a lot farther than a cover letter to show what kind of person I am.

It's a bit - no, a lot - uneven right now, but I'll get the hang of it, eventually. My sister had an art teacher who said, "Every artist has 10,000 lousy drawings to do. You have to do them." I take great comfort from that. Every writer must have 10,000 lousy paragraphs to do, too... maybe whole chapters. You just gotta slog through to find the diamonds.

And, with that - time to take out the trash.

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