13 November 2005

The well-fed flock

I want to offer my acquaintances (mentioned in the previous post) a place to talk about healthy eating, here at the Pasture.

I am not a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any other -ist. I am a woman who has battled weight issues all her life, along with emotional stuff, and it's been a long journey out of the cold, foggy woods into the light. I'd like to help my friends learn to trust their judgment so they can each find their own place of rest.

Each one of you knows what's right for your body and your soul. Down deep inside of yourself, you know. People may have told you otherwise; you may have gotten bad information along the way; hurts may have accumulated and hidden that knowledge from you - but it's still there.

Thanksgiving is coming, and, after that, Christmas. Lots of challenges.

Over the next week or so, I'm going to post a few of the techniques that work for me. Nothing new or wonderful or wild. It is SO trite, but doggone it, it's true: you lose weight if you eat less than you expend in energy. You keep the weight off if you adopt a healthy lifestyle which fosters weight control. There. In two sentences.

Hah!! (I hear you say, scoffingly.) (Is that a word?)

Well, okay. It's a bit more complex than that. And the toughest part of it is, I HAVE NO CLUE what will work for you. YOU have all that information. The trick is to find out what it is.

I gotta take the trash out and get to bed, so I'll leave some questions which I'll answer in the next post (and which you are invited to answer, too, in the comments, if you like):

What puts your munch switch on "auto"? Stress? TV? Reading?

With the holidays coming up, what's your gazingus food - the one thing you're looking forward to right now and which you'll attack like a starving leopard the minute you're within arm's length?

More soon...

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Stacey Mose said...

hmmm. actually for me isnt not eating, I starve myself first before i run to food. However, i should confess there are those moments of stress when i say to myself...ooooh, i deserve the biggest most delicious ice cream sundae ever!!! Why not? I deserve it because of all the stress..so then,guess i have potential to go that route. Scary, I don't ever want to get big! I don't want that struggle. I see my mum and think to myself,Oh dear God I hope i do not have her struggle!!! Not that she is huge huge, but she let herself go! I will not do this to myself...maybe its a deep seeded paranoia i have hehe"it is" not maybe..lol. And forgive me anyone who may read this and want to instantly kill me because i am speaking of fatness..No offense, it's just a struggle i never want to have to face. So therefore, maybe i tend to not eat all day for this reason, it's a fear!