30 November 2005

Thoughts on Blessings

Penni over at Martha, Martha wrote about feeling uncomfortable asking for blessings.
my wise and sage friend suggested that i start praying for God's abundant blessings upon me. i have to tell you, i am not comfortable with that.

not in the least.

i ask for God's blessings upon everyone around me, from family to customers, friends known and unknown. but for me? too awkward to do that.

do you feel it is wrong to ask for blessings for yourself - is that being *self*ish? or do you pray for God to bless you abundantly and not feel bad about that at all? i tend to be more of a "social justice" pray-er and not ask for too much for myself.

do i have it all wrong?
That just took me back... wow. I commented:
Your words take me back to where I was many years ago. I found it nearly impossible to trust God, but I was in a scary place in my life, and I just had to. The alternative was unthinkable.

Laying down my worries and anxieties and cares and fears at His feet was very difficult for me; I kept picking them back up again.

I was finally able to ask for the grace to accept His blessings, even if they went against the grain. It was like a penance for me, because I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in the ways you so eloquently express.

I finally got to the point where I was willing to let go of my life and let Him take care of me as He saw fit. If it included bare floors and no heat, so be it. If it was to be carpet and central air, fine. If I am honest about surrendering to Him, I need to open myself to His generous provision, just as I commit to accept when things are tough.

As for others' blessings... Jesus took a basket of bread and fish and fed thousands. By giving you what you need, He does not deprive anyone else. There's plenty. He's God. He can make more blessings. Your blessings might not be what anyone else needs, anyway. They might just be for you alone. ;)

I still have the worn Bible from the time when I ended up prostrate before God, finally, finally ready to let go and let Him do what He wanted with my life. It was an awful feeling. I still have my moments (see recent post on feeling separate from Him). But I did it, because He backed me into a corner and I had no choice. It was either trust Him, or trust myself/the deceiver, and I knew the black hole which awaited me if I chose the latter.

It did feel penitential. I was very uncomfortable driving the very comfortable used car I eventually got to replace the tiny, unsafe one. The new house that came along was very hard to accept. I went to Penney's and bought $300 worth of clothes I had to have - my old ones were falling apart - and I almost had a panic attack and had to talk myself out of the store and into the car. At the time, I could easily afford that much. It was just feeling so self-conscious about taking care of myself in that way. Anorexia of joy... anhedonia, they call it. But it was more than just not feeling it; it was fighting and resisting it.

God had to humble me completely, take away everything I treasured in life, before I would turn to Him properly. He was kind, but firm. Still is. He's a good Abba.


~m2~ said...

first of all -- thank you for your wise and seasoned response on my blog - i am always happy to meet new bloggers and by looking around here, i think i may have to be back for visits quite often!

this really struck me: Anorexia of joy... anhedonia, they call it. But it was more than just not feeling it; it was fighting and resisting it. i can identify with that on so many levels, it is nauseating (something else experienced with anorexia, i believe).

how does one get past that? it is all about trust and whether we trust enough, isn't it?

thank you for some wonderful insights - i am probably going to end up linking to this thread, if that is okay with you.


A. Noël said...

If my words can help ... that's what they're here for. Of course you can link. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

~m2~ said...

i am your first subscriber!!

i feel so honored :) thank you for doing that for me...

here's to hoping you never regret doing so!