30 November 2005

Knowing my limitations

I have a "wonderful opportunity" at work. I would be "foolish" to pass it up.

I'm going to be foolish.

It is something I can do well, but which I thoroughly dislike doing. In the past, I have often striven to do things which make me uncomfortable and unhappy at work. It's how I was raised. I never thought anything of it. The idea that I could actually do what I do best, and earn a good living at it, never occurred to me.

It is a crossroads. If I choose the way which will bring me more money, recognition, and a step up the ladder, I shall be very busy and extremely stressed. I am taking the other way, the one where I immerse myself in the task at hand and, the next time I look at the clock, am surprised that it's an hour and a half later. God gave me the talent to do both; I have to (finally) be wise enough to know which to pick, and trust Him to take care of the rest. Amen.


daisymarie said...

that's a tough decision, but one that truly sounds like it will ensure balance and joy.

may the blessings of the wisdom you have used in make this decision continue to shower down on you!

HeyJules said...

You sound like you've made a very wise decision. Is there anything worse than sitting at a desk all day long and HATING what you do?

Ann V. said...

Yes...limitations and wise choices. Sounds like you are about to take the road less travelled by...and it will make all the difference.

All *IS* well,
Ann V. HolyExperience