31 July 2005

Gardeners always find each other

Dropped by the Bookish Gardener today (link on right) and found this humble natterspot on her blogroll. I think perhaps it's the first ... and so undeserved. But it reminds me to get out and water the garden, especially since it's been quite warm this weekend.

I've a large garden (through no fault of my own - the house just came with it, ten years ago) and no sprinklers (also through no fault of my own, but we won't discuss whose) and so I must water it all by hand. That takes Quite a While.

Two years ago or so, I was quite resentful about the time needed to water my poor plants. Now I find it to be soothing and pleasant. Just shows how much things can change.

Nothing's blooming at the moment, except for a few agapanthus. They are dear to me because they remind me of my maternal grandfather, who insisted on calling them "Aggie's Panties," much to my grandmother's (amused) dismay.

But they're thirsty, and it's late, so I'd better go spritz 'em.

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