04 July 2005

Avoiding busyness to get things done

This article, which I found my way to via a couple of links starting at Amy's Humble Musings, really struck a chord with me.

During my darkest times, I was afflicted with that 80s thing whereby all the new gadgets were coming into use, and people were vying to look Important. Mary Baker Eddy once wrote, "Rushing around smartly is no proof of accomplishing much," and she was right - but I got caught up in it, anyway.

I got so exhausted and depressed I could barely function.

These days the pendulum has swung the other way for me. I spend far too much time avidly reading blogs, writing, and paying absolutely no attention to my house or a myriad of other things I should be doing. Although I cannot justify such a use of time, I refuse to call it a waste of time. This is a huge time of catching up for me. I am incredibly hungry to know how people think, what they're writing about, and how they're managing their family life. Blogs are wonderful for that. I am learning so much, and it has made a huge difference in my level of confidence and my overall emotional health. Thank you, dear blogging friends!

I will come back to center eventually. I actually am. I do so much more of "normal life" than I ever did before, it's wonderful. But I confess: this three-day weekend has been an absolute, non-stop, playtime for me. I've had a wonderful vacation and feel renewed and ready for the week ahead.

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