05 May 2005

Putting a toe in...

...which seems to be how I do everything, if possible: by incremental stages which are so small that there seems to be no progress whatsoever to observers, but to me, sometimes, it feels like a runaway rollercoaster.

More on that later.

In the meantime, I want to join the community of great writers who have inspired me lately here in the neighborhood of 'blogs. It has a wonderfully neighborhood feel to it. Someone will write, "There's a great discussion going on over at Amy's," and we all end up going over there to talk and comment for a while, before following some other link elsewhere, like to selkie, where we find there's been a blessed event, and so on and so on... it's a real community, and I appreciate it, and would like to move in and contribute my mite to the discussion.

Thanks for stopping by.

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