05 May 2005

Benedict XVI's theology: more "ressourcement" than "aggiornamento"

Theologians reflect on Pope Benedict XVI's theology

By Jerry Filteau
Catholic News Service

(What follows is an excerpt. Read the entire article here.)

... "This contrast enables us to establish more closely the nature of Ratzinger's 'progressivism' at this point," the British theologian wrote. "It was controlled not so much by the imperative of modernization, or adaptation, 'aggiornamento,' but by that of a return to the biblical, patristic and high medieval sources, 'ressourcement.'"

Father Nichols said that in Father Ratzinger's published notes on the council's fourth session, his objections to the optimism about the world found in "Gaudium et Spes" increased.

In the epilogue to the fourth session notes, he added, Father Ratzinger struck "more than one somber note."

"Here and there, he thought, and perhaps more frequently than this phrase would imply, 'renewal' would be regarded as synonymous with the 'dilution and trivialization of the whole.' Here and there, the pleasure of liturgical experimentation would 'belittle and discredit' the reform in worship. Here and there, people would enquire after modernity, not after truth, and make what was contemporary the measure of all they did," Father Nichols wrote.

Here, and there, and everywhere, especially among the bishops who did not have the courage and humility to wake up and smell the coffee. Better late than never... but late, indeed.

A lot has happened in 40 years. Too much?

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