30 April 2006

The changing freshness of faith

Niall McKay at So What writes: --
I am liberal enough that I cannot bring myself to believe that God's 'default' approach to creation is the agony of all that exists in it. I try my hardest... but I can't. There is nothing about Jesus that would back up this theology. Heck, he even has mercy on the evil spirit of a strong man (but not, perhaps, the poor porkers). The kind of God Jesus introduces us to is holy and just and powerful but also (and far more importantly) gracious and forgiving and ultimately loving. So I part company with my hardnut conservative friends when it comes to the hellish fate of all who avoid intellectual assent to a five step dogma.

I've been getting to that conclusion myself, especially over the past year and a half.

This young man is a chaplain at Newcastle University in NSW Australia.

Read it all.

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