19 March 2006

A fellow traveler

Joe at the Canterbury Trail blog has written a post entitled Sin? which I found helpful, and an echo of the leadings I've experienced so far this Lent.
We talk a lot about sin in the Church, but do we really know what it is? In the Western Church, we have usually looked at sin as any willful lack of conformity to the revealed will of God. This approach, coupled with atonement theology, often leaves us with very legalistic view of sin, and IMHO makes God out to be judge first and Father second.

This has always rubbed me the wrong way, because I just can'’t seem to find this approach in the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus knew, and I think that it is fair to say, loved the law (in so far as it was an instrument to reach the Father), but he often blatantly broke it and not just the human laws of the Pharisees, but portions of the Law of Moses as well...

Read it all.

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