12 February 2006

Holding my breath

Dear friends, I've been so remiss in not posting lately ... I'm sorry. (Lorna, I have not forgotten my piece for you ... it is being worked on, I promise.)

No excuse, but a reason: I am distracted. Or, to put it another way, I'm too focused right now on something else; something in my personal life. A tremendously good something in any case, but one which, if it turns out in one particular way, would result in huge change for me.

And we all know how lightheartedly we welcome change. (Not.) ;)

Sorry to be so cagey, but there's not a lot I can tell right now. Heck, there's a lot I don't know myself. God knows, but He's the cagiest of all.

As I have for more than 30 years with this particular thread of the story of my life, I wait on Him to show me the next step to take. However, I am not able to clear my mind of what's going on; I'm not that good at detachment, yet. I've only learned better how not to worry... instead, to trust Him who made both me and the one who is so much in my thoughts and prayers of late.

It is a great story, one which I will relish telling someday. In the meantime, I wait for the unfoldment of events... and neglect this blog, though I do go visiting others', when I can.

Peace to you.

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