11 May 2011

Texas and big

Texas really is bigger than life in many ways.  Just this afternoon I sat working as lightning flashed and thunder rolled by and rattled the windows.  In California this would have been a reason to cut in on regular programming and deploy teams of reporters.  In Texas?  Not so much.  The weather radio treebles and squawks only when the winds are so high that there is danger of a tornado.  Otherwise it's just noisy rain.

However, our recent wildfires didn't impress the Administration (over 3400 square miles, or roughly seven times the size of Los Angeles, 50 times the size of DC, and three times the land area of Rhode Island, as Ed Morrissey pointed out this week on Hot Air).

As it happens, Texas has its own employment gravitational field, as its business-friendly policies bring more and more companies in.  You can't throw a rock without hitting a church.  It is quite common for the citizenry to be saved the cost of a trial through accurate and effective self-defense against assailants and robbers.  The city is quite diverse.  Delicious food.  Friendly people who seem to not think they are more important than you.

I like it here.

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