22 November 2010

The (latest) controversy: a thought

Pope Benedict has been quoted in saying, as I understand it, that one male prostitute's use of condoms, to prevent another's infection (a charitable gesture, in other words) can be an indicator of a moral impulse... a desire to protect another from a loathsome, fatal disease.  This is obviously and objectively true, even though it happens in the context of mortal sin.  It is a flicker of goodness, showing the persistence of spiritual life, even amid the smothering morass of sinful behavior and attitudes.

The Pope is, in a sense, giving a hypothetical sinner the benefit of the doubt, and showing that there is always hope, even for the worst of sinners.

The "liberals" and "media" have always wanted so badly to portray the Holy Father as a mean, narrow-minded old coot.

Pope Benedict happens to love souls, the presence of which in some humans are more easily presumed present via theological conviction than by simple observation.

Do the "liberals" and "media" really understand that Pope Benedict XVI and many, many Catholics pray for them, daily?  Pray knowingly and humbly and devoutly, for the God- and/or Catholic-haters' salvation, and their eventual joy and security in the Lord?

"Any publicity is better than no publicity."  Whether or not people believe, or remember, or know anything about the Pope and the One he lives to serve, they are being reminded, and will gossip, and will discuss, and will read.  I predict God will use this latest flap for His sublime purposes.  Let's watch, and pray, and expect His plan to be revealed.

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