11 June 2009

Journaling, and such

It's been months since I last posted on this blog, and years since I spent every available moment avidly reading others' posts.

My life continues to unfold in directions unsought and with blissful promise.

I'm still in the shabby house on the hill. There is a fresh gardenia from the garden in a vase, wafting fragrance through the house.

I've been home all day. I get tired... my stomach is unreliable. I ride the train to work now; usually I'm OK; sometimes, I'm not, and I can't shake the sick feeling all day. Sigh.

I cannot work full time AND keep house. I keep telling Dear One this. Over and over. I hope he knows. He is so patient.

He is working as hard as he can to make our home. I love him more each day.

But I digress...

I stopped by Ann Voskamp's blog today (Holy Experience ... linked on the right). She has been doing a series on journaling. Always, her writing brings tears to my eyes. Always, I wish she was my mother.

Journaling is something I didn't do much of for a long time, and now I do. I scribble away for hours during quiet weekends.

Thank God, I am feeling better after this long day of rest.

I needed the heart-rest, as well as the time away from work.

God love you who read this.

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