06 August 2008

Parents, television, and a clue

A study has revealed that TV shows portray a lot of sex and little of it in the context of marriage.

The only new bit that I wasn't aware of was the increasing references to kinky stuff and prostitution.

You know why?

Because I don't watch TV. I gave it up several months ago when I found that the news, etc. was getting on my nerves. It's been much nicer without it. I'm about to take my cable boxes back. The extra money every month will be nice, too.

Hey, parents - guess what? If it's not good for your kids, it's probably not good for you, either. Custody of the eyes, and all that.

You know what Hollywood says to itself when it reads conclusions like those in the study? "Well - at least they're watching!"

Hollywood does not produce its dreck for any reason other than money. If no one watched the bilge, there wouldn't BE any more bilge.

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