23 December 2007

As Christmas approaches...

my prayer is that you will have a blessed and joyous holy day.

The new job continues to be absorbing, satisfying, and sometimes anxiety-inducing. I have a good boss, and that makes all the difference. But I start early in the morning, and get home late at night. A conversation with my dear one, a bite of dinner, and sometimes a walk ... then I'm ready for bed.

I have even less time these days because I have a new puppy, whom Bear and I are raising together.

The new one was found by a family, friends of my sister's. Unfortunately, what with two dogs of their own, and plans to downsize to a condo soon, they couldn't keep the charming little fellow. My sister sent me word, along with pictures (drat her!).

He's six months old, exuberant, smart, endearingly affectionate. Last week I hit the wall with him - I asked myself and anyone who would listen: "what was I thinking?" This week is better. He's growing and learning fast. He and Bear play hard together every day. They're comfortable together.

For here, I'll call him Inky.

Inky isn't the same breed as Bear, but their genes stem from the same group at the dog show; the Herding Group.

Once again, it looks like a quiet, solitary Christmas. Perhaps my last? I do not know. God knows. I'm content in that.

Blessings to you this Christmas.

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