01 August 2007

Another new voice in the blogs

The Catholic Bibliophagist (bibliophagist, n.: a devourer of books) has set up shop on Blogger. I feel at home with her already, if only because the picture of her many full bookcases looks oh-so-familiar. However, her place is much tidier than mine, I'm afraid. :)

Alas, my linking to her will do nothing to improve her blog traffic, as my readership has (justly) dwindled to nothing since my dear one came back into my life after a 30-some-odd year absence.

However, while my distraction has been bad for the blog, it's been good for my life in general. I do so much more these days ... take care of myself better ... enjoy life in general. In fact, I'm reading again. In fact, as I type this, I have a stack of books at the end of the computer table, awaiting my attention. Here's a list, in ascending order of size (like I said: stacked), with a few notes about their provenance:

The Imitation of Christ, translated by Ronald Knox. Found at Barnes & Noble and bought with a gift card given to me by my sister for Christmas.

Elizabeth Peters, Guardian of the Horizon, paperback: Amelia Peabody is part of who I am by now, and I love the books. They are good mid-range interesting novels which delight and amuse without wearying.

The Ambassadors and The Aspern Papers and Other Stories, Henry James, in Konemann editions; A Portrait of a Lady is beside the recliner where I sit in the evening and read. All gotten some years ago at Vroman's, the excellent independent bookstore in the area.

Elizabeth Berg, We Are All Welcome Here. Got this at Borders through their three for two summer sale. Rather a remarkable novel... very enjoyable. (It's actually been read and needs to go back on the shelf.)

Picture Maker, Penina Keen Spinka - has a bookmark right in the middle. I must've put it down some months ago and utterly forgotten about it, although I remember the vivid scenes.

Lamb in Love, Carrie Brown. The cover was just so intriguing. Don't know if I'll like the story. From the Book Club, I think.

Hamlet's Dresser, Bob Smith. Same place as the previous - wherever it was.

The Iowa Review, 37/1, Spring 2007.

Glimmer Train Stories, issues 62 and 63.

The Missouri Review, Vol. 30 Number 1 2007.

The Penguin Book of Columnists, edited by Christopher Silvester. Also from Vroman's.

And that's just one miscellaneous stack collected during a puttering-through of the rest of the house the other day.

Like I said, my house isn't as tidy as the new gal's.

I don't have any Harry Potter anything. Completely off the radar so far as I'm concerned. Just not interested.

But then, like I said ... I'm just sort of coming back to myself. I might just buzz thru a H.P. someday, you never know.

Anyway, welcome to the new blogger!

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