29 October 2005

The gift of change

My life might be about to change.

I am tempted to do nothing in anticipation, in case it does not happen.

Am I being called to show some faith, instead?
Faith that God wants me to be happy and whole.
Faith in the one whose own changes will cause mine.
Faith in myself, that I can cope with a new life.
I had some very good advice about this prospect last week. Some of it is very good. Some of it, I must ignore. Life is too short.

There is prudence, which is necessary, and cowardice, which is not.

Most of all, there has to be the willingness to accept joy when it is given... after so many attempts by God to give the gift, finally just - letting Him. Not fighting it any more, or explaining it away, or reasoning why it shouldn't happen, or making long lists of all that could go wrong, or dreaming up ways in which to have it but not really.

Pray for me that I will accept God's gift in the way and the time of His will.

1 comment:

HeyJules said...

I certainly will.

Good for you for being optimistic and hoping for the best!